1. Cloud safe

    EU court rules “Safe Harbour” agreement is invalid

    News 6 Oct, 2015

    US companies hit by judgement, fears over data movement

  2. Avere's CloudFusion launches on Amazon Web Services

    News 6 Oct, 2015

    The file storage application leverages the features of Amazon's web services with the flexibility of NAS

  3. Google's apps may be coming to Windows 10 soon

    News 6 Oct, 2015

    Rumours suggest the tech giant will announce its apps will be available to Microsoft's OS at the Windows 10 devices launch event

  4. Gov airs rebrand plans for least popular cloud framework

    News 5 Oct, 2015

    DSf is about to go under the knife, and it's good news for suppliers

  5. AWS announces Amazon Elasticsearch Service

    News 5 Oct, 2015

    The real-time distributed search and analytics engine is a super-speedy way to load, process, analyse and visualise data


  1. FreshBooks review

    Reviews 30 Sep, 2015

    An invoicing system so easy, the hard part is waiting to get paid

  2. Western Digital My Cloud EX4100 review

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    Build your own personal storage cloud on the cheap

  3. SugarSync for Business review

    Reviews 9 Sep, 2015

    Cloud storage that almost hits the sweet spot

  4. Best HR cloud software options

    Reviews 22 Aug, 2015

    Keeping tabs on employees via the cloud has never been easier

  5. gliffy review

    Reviews 10 Aug, 2015

    A cloud-based alternative to Microsoft Visio at a fraction of the price


  1. Top 10 best mobile cloud apps

    Advice 7 Sep, 2015

    We take a look at some of the best apps around...

  2. How to be the most productive person in your business

    Advice 7 Sep, 2015

    Five tips, tricks and pieces of software to get the most out of cloud and become the most productive person you know

  3. Google learns lightning does strike twice (or four times)

    Advice 24 Aug, 2015

    The public cloud giant discovers design by theory doesn't cover every eventuality

  4. Why Spotify's privacy gaffe could be music to Apple's ears

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    What happens when the free lunch runs out?

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    What are the benefits for retailers of moving to the cloud? We take a look in the latest in our series of guides