CA Technologies


CA CEO talks up DevOps and new SaaS offerings

Nov 11, 2014 Rene Millman

Application economy is redefining business, according to Mike Gregoire

CA unveils new SaaS-based ITSM solution

Jun 17, 2014 Maggie Holland

Reducing complexity and coding requirements, coupled with user experience, were front of mind in new development, says CA Technologies

Cloud-based security gets thumbs up from UK PLC

Aug 8, 2013 Maxwell Cooter

British companies are more trusting of cloud security than their European counterparts, new research suggests


Instance management - how does a CIO stay in control?

Dec 30, 2013 Adrian Bridgwater

Cloud can make it a little too easy to get online. How can a CIO stop things spinning out of control?


The company was founded in 1976 and is headquartered in New York. Known for its mainframe computer and distributed computing applications for business, the company also sells anti-virus and internet security programs. The company has public and private cloud computing solutions across diverse virtual and physical platforms. In 2010 CA Technologies acquired Nimsoft, a provider of IT performance and availability monitoring solutions for emerging enterprises and managed service providers.