UK urged to air its views on EU cloud strategy

cloud map of Europe
cloud map of Europe

UK representatives need to make pro SMB and open source arguments now, claims industry body

The UK needs to speak up now if it wants to influence the rollout of the European Union's cloud strategy, the vice president of Eurocloud, Phil Wainewright, has warned. 

The European Commission, under the direction of vice president Neelie Kroes, has been working towards a Europe-wide cloud strategy since 2011.

So far the introduction of unifying cloud standards across the 27 European Union member states has been mooted, with Kroes stating in September 2012 that “you shouldn’t have to have a law degree to use the cloud”.

However, the Government’s deputy CIO Liam Maxwell has been hostile to the EU's plans.

While Wainewright said no one knows the impact of EU cloud regulation and certification on the UK, he said the strategy will start to take effect by the end 2013.

“The UK must, therefore, get its views across this year as a player in Europe about how we want to see this cloud partnership evolving and how we want to see the cloud strategy start evolving,” said Wainewright, during Huddle’s Government Cloud conference in London yesterday.

“[There are] divergent views on cloud within Europe and we are going to have to make compromises – you always do if you want to get something done in Europe.

“We are concerned about potential barriers to SMBs and open source being built in, so we need to make the representations now because at some point ... we will have to adapt to whatever EU inspired procurement process comes out of this,” he added.

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