Certification key for SMB cloud success, claims APM group

Cloud with green tick
Cloud with green tick

Two thirds of applicants for CIF certification are SMB providers, it is claimed

SMB cloud providers are most likely to get their services certified, according to global accreditation body APM Group.

The group, which is the Cloud Industry Forum’s (CIF) independent certification partner, said approximately 66 per cent of applications for the CIF Code of Practice certification were from cloud SMBs.

Richard Pharro, CEO of APM Group, said: “There is a general understanding in the minds of end users that size and brand recognition automatically and exclusively equate to capability and trustworthiness.

“Whilst larger organisations may be seen as credible, having built up brand equity and market leading positions, smaller organisations, by contrast, often must do more to prove their credentials to potential customers.

“For these [cloud service providers], securing independent validation of their services is invaluable, going some way to explain why SMBs account for around two thirds of applications to the CIF Code of Practice.”

Nigel Webster, chief technician at virtual private cloud provider and SMB Support on the Spot, which gained CIF certification in 2012, backed Pharro’s analysis.

“There is an onus on SMB [cloud service providers] to prove their worth in the market, so we needed a way to demonstrate to customers that we were capable of handling their data and supplying their cloud services,” said Webster.

“We now have independent verification that we are a credible, capable and trustworthy provider,” he added.

Andy Burton, chair of CIF, commented: “The CIF Code of Practice enables [cloud service providers] to demonstrate, with clarity, their ethics, practices and processes.”

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