Cisco sheds light on cloud progress in the enterprise

Networking giant opens up about change in enterprise attitudes to the cloud

Cisco has shed light on the evolving relationship between enterprise users and the cloud, which it claims has led to networks displacing storage as the most important part of modern datacentres.

Speaking to Cloud Pro at the Cisco Live conference in London earlier this week, Laurent Blanchard, vice president of the enterprise business group at Cisco, said the last two years have seen a marked change in cloud adoption patterns.

“Two years ago, if you’d asked me the question, ‘how do you see the adoption of cloud going in the enterprise?’, we would have said it’s all about the private cloud.

“Now, it’s changed a lot...and we are moving into a world of many clouds: private, public and hybrid.

“We’re seeing this evolution because [cloud] gives so much more flexibility to the enterprise. Two years ago, it was all test and developlement, now they’re moving to production," he added.

This, coupled with the proliferation of mobile devices in the workplace, is putting untold amounts of pressure on most enterprises’ networking infrastructure, he explained.

“By 2015, two thirds of [network] traffic will be video-based, which puts a lot of pressure on the network [because] we have to be able to provide the right bandwidth for users to access high quality videos,” added Blanchard.

Because of this, he claims, the network has now replaced storage and compute as the most important part of the modern datacentre.

“Ten years ago, the heart of the datacentre would have been the CPU and storage, and now its the network and applications,” he explained.