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6 Feb, 2013
Books on cloud
Books on cloud

Cloud storage player helps secure university's intellectual property

Oxford University’s technology transfer office, Isis Innovation, has enlisted cloud storage firm Egnyte to provide its file sharing infrastructure.

Isis manages 700 intellectual property (IP) license agreements and has helped form 79 spin-off companies, including the firm behind Optisol UV absorber, Oxonica, and NaturalMotion, who provided the animation software used in video game Grand Theft Auto IV.

The organisation was struggling with a workforce that had a high number of off-site employees using its own VPN, Egnyte claims.

Furthermore, the company said Isis was particularly concerned with ensuring its file sharing wasn’t compromised, as the value of IP is closely related to its security.

“One breach could give access to years of research, which might result in millions of pounds in funding going to waste,” Egnyte said.

Isis has implemented Egnyte as part of a hybrid cloud system. The university continues to run local storage in its Oxford and Hong Kong offices, using network attached storage devices to sync with Egnyte’s European public cloud.

Nelson Sa, business consultant at Isis Innovation, said: “We needed a solution we could trust to store our ideas. Isis employees spend a significant proportion of their time working at our clients’ sites so we needed a secure, real-time file sharing service between our offices in Hong Kong and Oxford.

“Egnyte’s approach to cloud security ensures users only have access to the correct folders and its compliance with the EU Safe Harbour framework means staff can collaborate with colleagues across the world effectively.”

Vineet Jain, CEO of Egnyte, said: “We pride ourselves on giving customers a choice when it comes to where their data is stored, on local storage or in the cloud, and how it is accessed.

“We are very excited to see our technology driving UK innovation globally from this most prestigious academic institution.”

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