IT key driver of growth in Europe

James Stirling News
11 Feb, 2013

Research finds that cloud will displace traditional infrastructure over next three years for a lot of firms

IT will be the main driver for new growth and jobs with cloud and Big Data at the forefront of investment, according to a new survey.

The study carried out by Vanson Bourne on 6,656 IT and business decision-makers from 22 countries found that 59 per cent of business leaders surveyed are planning a major change in their IT capabilities over the next 12 months.

The EMC-backed research found big data analytics and cloud service technologies are the most likely targets for investment, with 47 per cent of business leaders citing big data as a disruptive technology in their industry, and some 46 per cent planning for cloud computing to displace traditional architectures in their organisation.

This enthusiasm for IT renewal projects is being driven by a greater appetite for investment in businesses overall, according to the findings, with 73 per cent of business leaders surveyed saying that their top priority for 2013 is either developing new products, or enhancing their customer experience proposition. Around 40 per cent of surveyed businesses in EMEA rank the development of new products as a “top business priority”.

The survey showed that a greater number of businesses in emerging markets (23 per cent) are likely to have deployed big data solutions than those in developed markets (18 per cent). Developed markets are less likely to reap the benefits of big data with nearly half (48 per cent) of businesses currently having no plans to deploy big data, compared with only a third in emerging markets (33 per cent).

Adrian McDonald, President EMEA at EMC said that the results paint a “positive picture” for EMEA.

“Businesses surveyed across the region are actively targeting growth and are increasingly using their IT function to enable this,” he said. “Where once IT was a cost centre, it is now becoming a strategic profit centre.”

He added that businesses in emerging EMEA markets appear to be progressing with big data technologies at a faster rate than in developed nations. “If this trend continues, we expect it to deliver real business advantage to organisations in developing markets, increasing competition across the whole region,” said McDonald.

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