G-Cloud iii tender submission deadline delayed again

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Cabinet Office extends timetable for the third time

The Cabinet Office has extended the tender submission deadline for G-Cloud iii to 6 March, less than 48 hours before it was due to close.

A reminder for would-be suppliers to submit their tender documents before 3.00pm on 28 February was issued on 22 February, but last night the Office issued a notice saying the deadline had been put back to 6 March at 3.00pm.

This is now the third time the tender submission deadline has been put back, having initially been set for 3.00pm on 21 February. On 17 January it was extended to 25 February then - because of downtime caused by website maintenance - it was put back again to 28 February.

The rest of the schedule remains as it was, with intention to award notification due to be issued on 4 April, the standstill period commencing on 5 April and ending ten days later, with the expected commencement date for agreements set for “early April 2013”.

G-cloud iii will be the third iteration of the government cloud procurement network since its launch in February 2012.

A Cabinet Office spokesman told Cloud Pro: "The deadline for tender submissions to the G-Cloud has been extended because, after publishing the final responses to supplier requests for clarification, the G-Cloud team conducted an internal check of the Framework Agreement – for example, double-checking cross references.

"This process took several days and, to give potential suppliers sufficient time to review the changes, the submission deadline has been moved to 6 March."


  • This article was originally published on 27 February 2013 and updated on 1 March 2013 to include the Cabinet Office's remarks.

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