Lack of readiness in company networks hampering cloud deployment, claims Cisco

Cloud plug in connection
Cloud plug in connection

Moving apps to the cloud is greatest IT challenge, claim respondents

Cisco’s annual Global IT Impact Survey has revealed that while 71 per cent of IT professionals say they are deploying more applications today than they were a year ago, many feel their infrastructure is not yet ready for the cloud.

41 per cent of 1,300 respondents worldwide said their network is not ready for bring-your-own-device (BYOD), while 38 per cent said it was putting the brakes on moving applications to the cloud. A further 30 per cent said data centre virtualisation was also hampered by a lack of readiness in their network.

The cloud is also at the heart of the top five IT challenges facing professionals in the field. 40 per cent said moving applications to the cloud was more difficult than rolling out typical IT projects, while 38 per cent pointed the finger at data centre virtualisation.

IT professionals in the UK, however, were joint with Germany in being the least likely to cite cloud initiatives as a major challenge. Of those that did, 34 per cent said virtual desktop infrastructure was a problem, followed by moving applications to the cloud at 29 per cent.

The UK also has an above average level of network readiness to support data centre virtualisation (68 per cent) and BYOD (51 per cent), respondents said.

When it comes to putting applications in the cloud, the UK has made great strides, according to the report.

26 per cent of respondents said they had no applications in the cloud last year, with the greatest proportion, 36 per cent, saying fewer than 10 per cent of their applications were in the cloud at that time.

When asked what the situation is currently, however, the situation had changed dramatically. Now, the greatest proportion, 35 per cent, said between 10 and 20 per cent of their applications were cloud-based. Meanwhile, the number saying between 21 and 50 per cent of their applications were in the cloud had jumped from eight per cent to 25 per cent.

While results show the UK is still a little behind in cloud adoption, by next year, those surveyed indicated results would begin to even out. The most dramatic rise, according to these predictions, will be in the number of companies with over 50 per cent of applications in the cloud. While at 20 per cent this is a little below the average (27 per cent), it is a five-fold increase on the current figure (4 per cent).

The full report is available to read here.


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