Cloud guide launches to help firms avoid vendor lock-in

James Stirling News
4 Jul, 2013
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Free document gives advice on how best to achieve portability and interoperability

Vendor neutral IT consortium The Open Group has launched a guide to cloud computing to help businesses navigate vendor lock-in issues.

The guide will, the organisation claims, provide businesses with recommendations on how best to achieve portability and interoperability when working with cloud products and services that are on the market.

The document, named Cloud Computing Portability and Interoperability, is aimed not just at IT professionals, but also at executives, business managers, marketing departments, and enterprise and business architects.

Dr Chris Harding, director of interoperability at The Open Group, said: “With cloud computing increasingly becoming an integral part of business, whether it is for storage, collaboration tools or applications, companies must be able to use it easily and efficiently.

“It should be possible to buy cloud services ‘off the shelf’ and integrate them with each other and with in-house services, with minimal effort. Lack of portability and interoperability between components of cloud solutions could mean the potential business benefits of cloud computing are not fulfilled.”

Harding said the guide was written with businesses of all sizes in mind.

“The Open Group ... [is] excited to release this guide, which pays special consideration to an organisation’s technical as well as business requirements, and aims to help readers gain the greatest value possible from their long-term cloud projects,” he concluded.

The guide is available to download from The Open Group website free as a PDF, or in eBook or HTML format.

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