Cloud Security

Processing or storing sensitive data outside your organisation creates security concerns and cloud users should demand transparency from service providers.

An organisation’s risk appetite will direct the level at which they use the cloud. Some things may be deemed just too risky to outsource and if your provider doesn’t offer a good disaster recovery plan, you may want to think again. But on the other hand some service providers offer higher levels of encryption than a small company could afford to go out and get for itself.


Microsoft bolsters Azure with new security accreditations

Jan 15, 2015 Joe Curtis

Redmond wraps up week of cloud improvements with new security and privacy certificates

Cloud security now considered 'a board-level issue’

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How cyber breaches and shadow IT are making firms more cautious of cloud

HP and Trend Micro join forces to improve threat detection

Dec 17, 2014 Joe Curtis

Firms combine software to provide better cyber protection

HP and Salesforce join Verizon’s secure cloud service

Dec 17, 2014 Joe Curtis

Customers will be able to access their cloud apps via Verizon’s private IP address network

Ofcom experiences one thousand cyber attacks in two months

Dec 16, 2014 Joe Curtis

Media regulator hit by 1,658 cyber threats in October and November, reveals FoI


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