Symantec zones in on cloud storage

Norton Zone touted as Dropbox alternative for secure file sharing

The crowded field of cloud storage managed to find space for one more competitor as security firm Symantec launched its new Norton Zone cloud storage product.

The offering is a new secure file sharing service for users to access, sync, and share photos, videos and documents safely from any PC, Mac, Android, and iOS devices.

Users can use the secure cloud storage service to collaborate on projects, keep in touch with others on Facebook as well as having the most recent copy of their files to hand.

The product is currently in beta at the moment with Symantec launching the service fully sometime in 2013.

Unlike other services, Symantec has not publicised storage quotas for the service. Users can sign up for the service online and then upload photos, videos, and documents, and organize them into folders. The files are then backed up automatically and replicated in a secure cloud. The service also scans files for malware before storing data. the service employs high-level, industrial-grade SSL encryption to protect all files during transfer and while stored in secure data centres.

As with virtually all other file sharing services, Norton Zone allows users to share access to files and entire folders. but the terms and conditions of the service disallow users from uploaidng and sharing files that may infringe copyright and warns users not to share anything they don't have permission to, anything that could be "considered threatening or obscene."

Norton Zone is available as a public and free beta version for users in US English. A full-features international edition next year.

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