Cloud creates "new world” for businesses & industry

The cloud is creating a new world for industries to operate in and they need to act fast to take advantage

The emergence of the cloud shares parallels with when the internet first broke, and has created a new world for everyone in the tech industry.

That’s according to William Barney, CEO of the Global Cloud Xchange, who told journalists at Monaco’s Datacentre Europe Conference: “2014 reminds me of 1995 and 1996 when the internet first appeared on the scene.”

Global data traffic will grow threefold from 2012 to 2017, according to Barney, but that is eclipsed by the total cloud traffic, which will grow four to five times its current rate. Fifty one per cent of key enterprise operations are now hosted on the cloud.

“The consumer drove us all to the cloud by getting Facebook and Google to build cloud computing facilities in order to satisfy their demand,” said Barney. “Cloud companies trade 30x better in the stock markets, the 70-90 per cent savings that cloud movement can offer firms rapidly moves it into the spotlight.”

Some may have missed the boat, though. Datacentre operators that are too focused on trying to build real estate have already been left behind, and many more may wind up floundering if their business plans aren’t changed soon.

“Every three to five years the model remakes itself,” Barney continued. “There will be a lot of losers over the next half a decade or so.”

There are rewards for being brave though. Twenty-two companies have gone from zero users to over 1 million users in just one quarter, all from using the cloud, according to Global Cloud Xchange figures.

Barney added: “The [datacentres] industry will need to work together to bring themselves and their customers to the cloud faster.”