Cloud computing 2.0: Where next for business?

This IT Pro report shows how to maximise the business value of cloud

Cloud computing has come a long way in the past 12 months. Everywhere we look, the cloud seems to be there - it’s like the industry is a film with the cloud on an overt product placement mission.

At the same time, however, for many, it perhaps feels like cloud hasn’t come far enough - once users get an appetite for technology they want the IT version of the moon on a stick. And, inevitably, they want it yesterday.

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This is putting increased pressure on already pressurised IT departments and means business and tech decision makers have to provide even more leadership and guidance then ever before.

In our sister title's first IT Pro report entitled Cloud Computing in 2012, we looked at what cloud is and pondered its potential for business transformation. We went into detail on cloud ‘basics’ such as the difference between public and private clouds, IaaS vs SaaS vs PaaS and looked at where cloud was headed.

This report aims to move the story on and arm IT professionals, managers, directors and C-level executives with greater insight into not just what cloud can do for their business, but the other factors they must consider.

How, for example, will legacy systems work in this new cloud world? It would be wrong to suggest every business, in every sector, is going to rip and replace what they’ve always had and go 100 per cent cloud.

So how can the two co-exist and what do businesses need to bear in mind and do to get there? Stephen Pritchard takes a look at this very topic.

Security and privacy continue to be major concerns and barriers when it comes to cloud adoption. Can you really trust the cloud in a crisis? Davey Winder tries to answer this question, which is far from simple.

We also run down the storage options available to businesses to help you make the right choice for your organisation.

This report also features cases studies from the Alzheimer’s Society, Cancer Research and Lamborghini so business and technology decision makers can benefit from the experience of others when it comes to the cloud.

All in all, we hope this report provides you with answers to some key questions and leaves you feeling ready to take cloud to the next level in your organisation rather than taking a step back.

Download the latest IT Pro report here.

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