EMC takes the wraps off Cloud Solutions 2.0

James Stirling News
12 Mar, 2014

Solving business challenges more important than cost, claims company

EMC has launched Cloud Solutions 2.0, a framework designed to help customers take full advantage of hybrid cloud technologies.

According to the company, the offering will enable IT departments to “complete the transformation to IT-as-a-Service”.

The storage giant said open API integration, automation and policy-driven IaaS are among the key technologies brought together in Cloud Solutions 2.0 to help companies achieve this.

In a blog post explaining the rationale behind EMC Cloud Solutions 2.0, Peter Cutts, GM of the cloud solutions business unit at EMC, said: “EMC and VMware have made great strides in their ‘journey to the cloud’ IT transformation framework...[which demonstrated] the benefits of commodity public clouds.

“[But] now more than ever, it’s time to deliver on the journey to the hybrid cloud. It’s time to bring the power of automated, on-demand, self-service capabilities within IT’s grasp and begin to accelerate the business.”

According to Cutts, EMC Cloud Solutions 2.0’s hybrid architecture will make adding new data services, such as high-performance, flash-based IOPs, or APIs for web applications “as easy as enabling a new service that business users will see in their self-service portal”.

In doing so, business users get more control over their environments, making them feel more empowered, while IT will become more relevant to and better respected in the business, he said.

“EMC Cloud Solution 2.0 is the framework to help get IT back to driving business value,” Cutts concluded.