IBM and VMware team up to help firms realise potential of hybrid cloud

Despite the love-in, the firms were keen to stress the relationship is not exclusive

IBM and VMware have inked a deal that will help customers move workloads to the cloud and reap the associated benefits much more quickly.

The partnership, which the pair reiterated was not exclusive, means enterprises can extend their existing workloads in situ and without modification, from on-premise to the cloud.

Some 80 per cent of enterprises see some form of hybrid cloud in their future and we are reaching a "tipping point,”, according to Robert LeBlanc, senior vice president of IBM Cloud. And this partnership, announced at IBM’s Interconnect conference in Las Vegas, looks to both cater to that need and reap the rewards.

"This partnership is all about making hybrid cloud easier to scale. All while taking advantage of existing tools. We’re jointly making it easy. Both IBM and VMware are committed to helping customers achieve the benefits of the cloud," LeBlanc said. 

During a press conference post the opening keynote session, LeBlanc said that in the last six months he has not encountered a client who has said they plan to either move everything to the cloud or, conversely, nothing to the cloud. This, it was suggested, is further proof of the appetite for hybrid.

“We’re not standing still. 2016 we’re going to continue to drive. We’re ready to announce an important new partnership here on stage with VMware. IBM and VMware will help clients move to the cloud while preserving billions of your investment in your IT,” LeBlanc said.

Almost all of the Fortune 100 customers currently use VMware technology, so they can benefit from what IBM has to offer without the need to rip and replace. Going forward, both companies will jointly sell and market new solutions focused on hybrid cloud deployment, such as workload migration, DR, datacentre consolidation and capacity expansion.

Furthermore, the two firms have jointly created a cloud architecture so organisations can automatically provision pre-configured VMware SDDC environments, consisting of VMware vSphere, NSX and Virtual SAN on the IBM Cloud. Common security and networking models based on VMware will ensure workloads can be moved as they are.

"People know what they like and know what they don’t like. They love the pay as you grow of cloud computing, but they have concerns – usually around security, control and government," LeBlanc added. 

Carl Eschenbach, COO of VMware, added: "We want to help clients deploy whenever, wherever they want in a very consistent way."

"We think we can address both their likes and their dislikes going forward. We have jointly architected a new platform. When people want to move to the cloud, they just want to hit that big ‘easy’ button. As people deploy their virtual machines and applications they want to have same security and networking policies. We’re bringing this together to offer new enterprise hybrid solution."