Amazon plans to launch cloud services in India

Jennifer Scott News
22 Mar, 2012

The Silicon Valley giant has been buying up infrastructure in the region and could launch its cloud services as early as this year

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is building up a back-end in the emerging markets, with a plan to launch its cloud services in India, Cloud Pro discovered this week.

The company has already begun leasing infrastructure from the region's largest network provider - Tata Communications - and plans to take on the booming country for the first time.

The news was revealed to Cloud Pro by John Hayduk, chief technology officer (CTO) at Tata, during an interview at the company's Global Analyst and Media Summit in Dubai this week.

"We know some of Amazon because they keep buying co-location and networking from us," he said. "There is only one answer to what they will use it for."

Hayduk admitted Amazon was "not there yet" when it came to launching cloud services, but the day was well on its way.

"It is under a 12-month cycle, that's for sure," he added.

But why when Tata itself is one of the leading cloud providers in India would it sell Amazon what is needed to enter the market, building the competition?

"If we don't sell to them, they will go to a rival provider," said Hayduk. "Don't worry, we will put a high price on them."

Currently, Amazon has data centres three data centres in the US, one in Dublin, Singapore and Tokyo and a recently opened location in Sao Paolo.  Although quite widespread, it still leaves many countries without immediate access, meaning many do not use the service due to regulations and data sensitivity.

Despite only beginning in India with leasing infrastructure, it could signal a bigger move by the firm to build on its entry to the emerging markets, following the South America launch late last year.

We contacted Amazon to confirm the new strategy, but a spokesman merely told us the company "does not comment on rumour or speculation."

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