Yahoo calls halt to using Facebook & Google IDs to access cloud services

login screen
login screen

Access via Facebook and Google logins to be scrapped

Yahoo is to gradually withdraw users’ ability to access its SaaS services using their Facebook or Google credentials.

In order to carry on using any of the company’s cloud-based services - including Yahoo Mail and Flickr - people will need to sign up for a Yahoo ID, assuming they do not already have one.

Currently, the changeover is only affecting Yahoo Sports Tourney Pick’Em – a fantasy US College Basketball game – that saw the ability to log in via Facebook or Google taken away on Monday.

A Yahoo spokesperson told Cloud Pro the new regime “will allow [Yahoo] to offer the best personalised experience to everyone.”

The spokesperson indicated access to all Yahoo services would eventually have to be through a Yahoo ID, but declined to indicate what timescale the organisation was working to. There was also no indication as to whether or not users will lose their saved data in the switch.

Yahoo originally started allowing users to sign into services using Facebook and Google IDs back in 2010 and 2011, respectively, under the direction of its previous CEO, Carol Bartz.

Current chief Marisa Mayer, a former Google executive, has been trying to reinvigorate the Yahoo brand since taking over in 2012.

This has included acquisitions such as micro-blogging site Tumblr in 2013 and diary app maker Wander in February this year, as well as a stronger focus on mobile.

While the organisation did team up with cloud storage provider Dropbox roughly 12 months ago, the scrapping of third-party tie-ups from before her appointment as CEO is not a new position from Mayer.

In February last year she hit out at the company’s 10-year relationship with Microsoft, expressing particular disappointment with regards to the Bing search engine.

She claimed not only that it had not delivered in the way the company had hoped, but had actually taken away market share from Yahoo.