Amazon to offer HPC services to European cloud customers

Amazon Web Services has introduced high performance computing to western Europe, offering organisations compute power on scale with the US

European users are set to be offered cloud-based high performance computing  (HPC) from Amazon. The company introduced HPC services in the US in July 2010 but the technology has been unavailable for organisations in Europe until now.

AWS will offer cloud instances that includes a pair of Intel Xeon processors, 60.5 GB of RAM, and 3.37 TB of instance storage. Each processor has 8 cores and Hyper-Threading is enabled, enabling up to 32 threads to be executed in parallel. Instances are connected to a 10 Gigabit network and the HPC offering wil be hosted at AWS’s cloud facility in Ireland.

The new HP will appeal to a variety of customers said Matt Wood, product Manager for high performance and data intensive computing for Amazon Web Services. “A wide range of organisations are working with large, complex datasets, including fields as diverse as financial services, oil and gas, life sciences, social gaming, advertising, e-commerce and media,” he said.

" The arrival of the cc2.8xlarge instance size in the EU West region allows customers who store data in that geography to compute, analyse and find insight from that data using high performance Intel Xeon E5 processors. This brings the power of a purpose designed HPC environment with 10gigE fully bisectional networking to customers with the same on-demand, utility metering offered by other AWS services, providing faster turn arounds, larger computational runs and a shorter time to market,” he added.

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