Huawei and Deutsche Telekom launch European public cloud to rival AWS

Open TelekomCloud unveiled with a sideswipe at Amazon

Huawei and Deutsche Telekom have unveiled a new public cloud aimed at European firms with on-demand, pay-as-you-go, secure cloud services.

Dubbed Open TelecomCloud, the offering is built on Open Cloud OpenStack technology and will be operated by Deutsche Telekom’s service arm, T-Systems. The OpenStack cloud will use Huawei’s hardware and software including servers, storage, networking and Cloud OS solutions to provide the infrastructure and expert technical support for its new public cloud services.

Open TelekomCloud allows enterprises to order IT infrastructure and software solutions through a central booking portal in just a few clicks, making resources available in minutes. Deutsche Telekom said this would help its customers to “digitise their business models by providing simple and flexible services that can be scaled to suit organisations of any size and in any industry”.

Zhang Haibo, head of global public cloud solutions at Huawei, said the combination of Deutsche Telekom's network, connectivity and T-Systems' understanding of enterprise applications and service advantages with Huawei's strong R&D capability, innovation and experience in serving enterprises would “continue to create differentiating and innovative cloud services to meet the needs of enterprises and the industry, strengthening T-System's leading position.”

“More and more customers are discovering the advantages of the public cloud. But they want a European alternative,” said Anette Bronder, head of the T-Systems' Digital Division, who is in charge of its cloud business. “With the Open Telekom Cloud, we are now offering customers the right platform and solution. It is simple, secure and affordable.”

According to analyst firm Pierre Audoin Consultants (PAC), there is significant demand for a Germany-based public cloud solution. "Access to a scalable, inexpensive public cloud provided by a German service provider from a German data centre under German law will be very attractive to many customers in Germany," said Andreas Zilch, a senior vice president at PAC Germany.

"The combination of a competitive service and German legal security represents a unique selling point right now."

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