Spiceworks launches cloud services dashboard

CIOs given single pane of glass view to provision and manage clouds

Spiceworks has launched a new tool, which provides IT professionals with a single, centralised dashboard with which to manage and monitor the cloud applications being used within the workplace.

The Spiceworks Cloud Program can be used to detect popular cloud services. This allows IT professionals to see the cloud services being used on their network and who is using them, providing them with an extra layer of control.

It focuses on the most popular cloud services used by SMBs: hosted email, online backup, cloud servers and file sharing.

The service can also manage and monitor cloud services and oversee cloud service usage across their organisation, such as available storage capacity or when the last successful backup was completed. Users can also fine-tune their cloud services in a centralised and better manage common tasks such as adding users to hosted email distribution lists or setting up their backup processes. This helps limit the number of consoles needed to do their jobs while giving them a deeper view into the resources their organisation needs. 

Organisations will also be able to provision cloud services directly from the Spiceworks application. This simplifies how IT professionals make infrastructure and account changes, such as adding new servers, storage capacity or user accounts.

To date, Microsoft Office 365, Google Apps, and Rackspace Cloud and Email offerings have been integrated with Spiceworks. The program will expand to include more cloud services over the following months.

The Spiceworks Cloud Program will be available to users who have upgraded to Spiceworks 6.2, which will come out later this year. Cloud providers and developers can integrate with the service through a standard set of APIs being made available by the company. Participating vendors also receive a Spiceworks Product Page and a listing in Spiceworks’ Product Selector.

“The Spiceworks Cloud Program offers a path for technology vendors to reach more than 2.2 million IT pros, many of whom are expanding their use of cloud solutions,” said Scott Abel, co-founder and chief executive of Spiceworks.

“The program also helps IT pros by giving them a simple way to manage cloud applications from the interface they use each day to do their jobs."