Having the help of a cloud service provider when it comes to Compliance and Risk Management can make dealing with different kinds of clients, different industries or different countries a lot easier. Risk and compliance are different for everyone and having a large cloud-based provider means that different regulations can be updated and shared automatically. For everything from data protection laws to financial reporting rules, such a service can also provide searchable repositories of potential risks and the ability to evaluate and mitigate them – as well as tracking breaches.


  1. Socitm: Councils still fear cloud data security

    May 1, 2015 Joe Curtis

    While 90 per cent of local authorities have tried cloud, concerns remain, warns body

  2. Apple wins Greenpeace backing for solar-powered US datacentre plans

    Feb 3, 2015 Caroline Donnelly

    Apple makes further commitment to green energy that Greenpeace hopes AWS will follow

  3. AWS wind-powered datacentres win Greenpeace's backing

    Jan 21, 2015 Caroline Donnelly

    Public cloud giant signs wind power deal for cloud datacentres as part of ongoing sustainable energy pledge

  4. Users leap to Oracle's defence over customer trust issue claims

    Jan 9, 2015 Caroline Donnelly

    Oracle user groups dispute claims customer mistrust will derail database giant's cloud plans

  5. Workday helps TalkTalk move its HR systems to the cloud

    Oct 8, 2014 Caroline Donnelly

    HR cloud apps provider helps TalkTalk make the move from on-premise to the cloud


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Case Studies

  1. (ISC)² and CSA develop qualification for security protection

    Jun 23, 2015

    The Certified Cloud Security Professional qualification will become a global standard for protecting cloud-based data

  2. The future is hybrid says CA's head of cloud

    Nov 18, 2011 Maggie Holland

    Bilhar Mann, senior VP of CA Technologies' cloud business unit spoke to sister title IT Pro about the challenges of cloud