Egnyte gives CIOs Cloud Control over storage

Lindsay Vormack News
15 Nov, 2012

Online storage provider debuts product that gives users access to data stored across multiple clouds

Egnyte has taken the wraps off a new data sharing product that lets users access files regardless of the storage cloud they are located in.

The product is called Egnyte Cloud Control and it allows users to group together storage devices and cloud types into a “global name space”, making it easier for them to access their data.

“Content can live completely behind the firewall, in a third party storage cloud,” said Egnyte in a statement.

“Within corporate networks, Cloud Control works off of existing file system structures, does not force deployment of proprietary file systems and allows direct access to local shares.”

The company claims data can be uploaded to the service 25 times faster than it can with “ordinary” cloud services, and that it will help users keep tabs on where their data is stored.

“IT departments have a unique and complex set of problems when setting the cloud strategy for their organisation,” the company stated.

“They must balance where their data resides due to regulatory and reporting issues, with investments in existing infrastructure and the demands of the BYOD movement...[Cloud Control] bridges the gap.”

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