Microsoft SkyDrive usage doubles in six months, claims firm

James Stirling News
16 Nov, 2012
Microsoft SkyDrive logo
Microsoft SkyDrive logo

Software giant's Dropbox alternative enjoys surge in popularity

The amount of  Microsoft SkyDrive cloud storage being used has doubled over the past six months, following the launch of the product's first sync apps in April 2012, the software giant has claimed.

The file hosting service, which is available on both Windows and Mac OSX, provides users with 7 GB of free cloud storage with the option to purchase additional space as and when needed.

Mike Torres, principal group program manager of SkyDrive apps at Microsoft, said in a blog post: “While many of you have told us that you love being able to have everything in one place and access it from anywhere, you’ve also said that sometimes you want to be more selective with the files you sync to each device.

“[Consequently], we’re releasing an update to our sync apps that includes the ability to select what you sync along with the ability to share files and folders right from the Windows File Explorer,” Torres added.

The new updates allow consumers to select which files or folders they sync to which device.

“If you’d like to keep all your photos and documents in SkyDrive but only sync a folder of your most important documents to your laptop, you can do that – even if your desktop is syncing the full set,” said Torres.

The company has also released a number of updates to the SkyDrive apps for Windows Phone and Android mobile operating systems, which, Torres claims, will make it easier for users to access SkyDrive across multiple devices.

The sync apps update is being rolled out over the course of the next 48 hours, Microsoft has said, however users who do not wish to wait for the update to become available automatically can access it via the SkyDrive app web page.

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