Haystack software brings Amazon Glacier into the Arq

James Stirling News
19 Nov, 2012
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Mac backup software vendor adds low cost Amazon cloud archiving to its service

Haystack Software has added support for Amazon Glacier to its Arq cloud backup product for Mac.

Stefan Reitshamer, founder of Haystack Software, made the announcement via the company’s blog, saying the decision was made in response to consumer demand for the new service. Arq had previously only been compatible with Amazon’s S3 offering.

“I got hundreds of emails and tweets asking for Glacier support. Turns out it’s a good option for some scenarios ... People want to use it for big stuff like iPhoto libraries, videos, etc, that get too expensive in S3,” Reitshammer said.

“Arq’s been getting pretty popular with independent folks as well as corporate employees. Glacier support makes Arq a good fit for even more people,” he added.

Glacier is Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) low cost cloud archiving product designed for people who need infrequent access to their data.

While the cost of storing data in Glacier is low – from $1 (63p) per month for 100GB or $10 (£6.28) per month for one terabyte – there can be additional costs associated with retrieving it. To deal with the fact that the formula for calculating the fee is, according to Haystack, quite complicated, the company has incorporated a tool into Arq that calculates the fee automatically.

“When you select an item to restore, Arq shows you the expected retrieval fee given the detected download rate [and] you can adjust the download rate to change the retrieval fee,” Reitshammer said.

Glacier support on Arq is available immediately.