Red Hat updates enterprise-focused virtualisation offering

Integration puzzle
Integration puzzle

Enterprise Virtualisation 3.1 includes better integration with the company's storage portfolio.

Open source software firm Red Hat has launched an updated version of its enterprise-focused Red Hat Enterprise Virtualisation 3.1 product.

The release includes features that will enhance its scalability, user administration and management interface, as well as its networking, storage and virtual desktop functionality, the company claimed.

The updated offering also includes greater flexibility for the inclusion of the full Red Hat portfolio with Enterprise Virtualisation.

“This is a major step for us,” Frederik Bijlsma, EMEA cloud business unit manager at Red Hat, told Cloud Pro. “It adds a lot of features and functionality, especially around storage as one of the focus areas. What it means is there are features added like live disk snapshots and storage live migration as a tech preview, which will be fully supported from the beginning of next year.”

The integration of Red Hat Storage with Red Hat Enterprise Virtualisation 3.1 is one of the update’s key new features and follows the organisation’s acquisition of storage firm Gluster in October 2011.

Red Hat’s statement on the launch of Enterprise Virtualisation 3.1 said the combination of the two platforms  was “first step toward Red Hat’s vision of an integrated and converged Red Hat Storage and Red Hat Enterprise Virtualisation node that serves both compute and storage resources.”

Red Hat Enterprise Virtualisation 3.1 is available worldwide to customers, as is a fully supported 60-day trial release of the product.