AcerCloud arrives on Android, iOS and Windows mobile devices

connected cloud
connected cloud

PC maker extends private cloud offering to mobile devices

PC maker Acer has announced cross-platform support for its AcerCloud service at CES 2013 in Las Vegas.

The product allows users to build their own private cloud by using up any free hard drive space on a designated "Cloud PC" for online storage.

The offering is now also compatible with Android, Windows and Apple iOS mobile devices.

The latest version of the service includes a new Remore Files app, which lets users upload and download files on any of the newly supported mobile devices using Wi-Fi or 3G.

Further updates include AcerCloud Docs, which can be used to push Microsoft Office files to any mobile device, and PicStream, which syncs photos to a user’s AcerCloud so they can be accessed from a tablet or smartphone.

There is no limit to storage capacity for these services, but files will only be stored for 30 days since the document was modified or picture was first taken.

The company has also added its service to its mobile offering, allowing users to manage photos and stream or download music from their PC to their smartphone or tablet.

Jim Wong, president of Acer, said: “With AcerCloud, Acer now supports free file sharing between all of the key mobile devices, adding tremendous value to Acer customers.

“AcerCloud greatly simplifies our customers’ ability to manage all of their digital assets across all of their devices, regardless of platform,” he added.

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