Windows Mesh switch-off prompts calls for users to adopt SkyDrive

James Stirling News
15 Jan, 2013
Servers on clouds
Servers on clouds

Windows Live Mesh users have 29 days to move to SkyDrive

Windows Live Mesh users have less than a month to move their synched folders to cloud storage service SkyDrive before it is retired, Microsoft has warned.

Mesh was introduced in 2010 as part of the Windows Live Essentials 2011 suite and allowed the synchronisation of files and folders across Windows and Mac operating systems and the web via SkyDrive.

Mesh users were also able to access other desktops remotely via the service and synchronise settings for applications such as Microsoft Office and Windows Internet Explorer across PCs.

However, in December 2012 Microsoft announced that Mesh is to be superseded by a SkyDrive desktop application and will be retired on 13 February 2013.

“After this date, remote desktop and peer-to-peer syncing will stop working,” warned Microsoft in an advice notice to users.

“The folders you synced to online storage for Mesh, called ‘Mesh synced storage' or ‘SkyDrive storage’ will no longer be available through Mesh or, but copies on your computer will remain unaffected,” the company added.

The 25,000 people Microsoft estimates are still using Mesh will need to download their files to their desktop, if they are not already up to date, and then re-upload them to SkyDrive.

According to Microsoft forum moderator Christina L, the retirement of Mesh comes in response to customer demand for a more integrated service between it and Skydrive.

“A single product also allows us to quickly deliver more new features to everyone,” she added.

However, many users have said they are “disappointed” and are unhappy at SkyDrive’s sync limit of 100 GB.

“Copying DropBox (Google Drive and similar) will not attract users to SkyDrive, more features are needed for users to choose SkyDrive,” claimed user jbtibor

More information on how to move to SkyDrive before the deadline is available here.