Bitcasa cloud storage launches to general availability

Infinite drive
Infinite drive

Infinite Drive out of beta, with special pricing offer available for February

Cloud storage provider Bitcasa has finally launched to general availability, having been in beta testing for nearly eight months.

The service offers unlimited cloud storage via its Infinite Drive product, normally for $99 (£63.22) per year, or $10 (£6.38) per month. However, the company is now offering the first year of storage for $69 (£44.06) until March 2013 via its blog.

At the same time as coming out of beta, Bitcasa also launched new iOS and Mac apps, having already launched clients for Android in January and Windows 8 in November. For platforms that do not have a compatible app yet, the service is also available through the browser.

“Bitcasa simplifies storage with the Infinite Drive, which works like a magic external hard drive that never crashes or runs out of space,” the company said in a statement.

“Everything becomes instantly available across all devices regardless of device capacity or file formats. In addition, Bitcasa is fully encrypted client-side, which means that unlike other services, Bitcasa employees cannot access any data for any reason.”

The announcement comes just four days after the organisation updated its web access interface, which the company called “a big first step before we turn the Bitcasa web experience into a fully featured media player, file viewer, and web-based file manager”.

The service is available to the general public immediately via Bitcasa’s website.