OpenStack gets a boost from Coraid drivers

James Stirling News
28 Feb, 2013
Cloud fiiling cabinet
Cloud fiiling cabinet

Coraid brings scale-out Ethernet storage capabilities to OpenStack Block Storage

Storage vendor Coraid has contributed a ATA-over-Ethernet (AoE) driver and Coraid EtherCloud to support Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider OpenStack’s Block Storage offering.

The Coraid AoE driver enables storage access over connectionless, parallel 10 gigabit ethernet, which the company claims provides better performance versus legacy storage networking.

Coraid claims these drivers will allow public, private and hybrid OpenStack-based clouds to integrate with its EtherDrive and EtherCloud platforms and deliver scalable, automated storage services.

Coraid has also joined the OpenStack community as a corporate sponsor.

Kevin Brown, CEO of Coraid, said: “Coraid has a long history of commitment to open source, starting with the contribution of the ATA-over-Ethernet driver to the Linux kernel in 2005.

“Coraid’s contribution to OpenStack Block Storage enables enterprises and service providers to build open-source clouds while leveraging Coraid’s elastic, scale-out storage and automation platforms to deliver simplicity at scale.”

The integration of Coraid’s drivers with OpenStack Block Storage allows users to provision and manage volumes on EtherDrive storage, using the REST APIs to expose every aspect of storage provisioning and operational management to programmatic control, the company said.

Using EtherCloud, administrators can deliver underlying block storage as services that automatically create volumes with specific performance and availability characteristics, including flash acceleration and no-single-point-of-failure configurations, it claimed.

Mark Collier, COO of the OpenStack Foundation, said: “Coraid’s contribution...enable users to choose the best technologies to fit their business needs. As a Foundation sponsor, Coraid is supporting our efforts to make open source solutions for cloud building more attractive to enterprises and service providers.”

The new drivers are expected to be available in the Grizzly release of OpenStack, which is scheduled for release in April 2013.