Dimension Data extends European presence to attract cloud customers

Jennifer Scott News
19 Mar, 2012

The South African firm opens its first data centre in Amsterdam to bring its public cloud to Europe

Dimension Data has announced a new site in Amsterdam to host public cloud services within Europe.

The South African company already has two sites in the US to provide its the Public Managed Cloud Platform (MCP), but the Dutch base will be its first within EU boundaries.

Dimension Data’s MCPs provide customers a choice of public cloud compute and storage as a service offerings or hosted/manged private clouds within the firm’s data centres.

Designed with the enterprise in mind, the MCPs feature multi-layer security, 24/7 phone support and administrative management tools for the business. Dimension Data also touts a 100 per cent service level agreement for availability when it comes to its public cloud.

Additional features of the MCP include a standard web-based UI for managing either private or public cloud deployments, self service provisioning of storage, servers and networking, and 8 CPU, 64GB RAM and 2.5 TB of storage as the average virtual machine.

As well as launching in Amsterdam today, Dimension Data is also opening an MCP in Sydney, Australia, and has plans to open new sites in the Middle East, Afria and Asia in the coming months.

"Dimension Data is committed to providing public and private cloud services globally," said Steve Nola, CEO of the company’s cloud solutions business unit.

"With our MCPs in the US, Amsterdam and Sydney, businesses can access a secure, easy-to-use cloud service with enterprise-class controls to accelerate their cloud strategy."

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