Egnyte synchronises private cloud with Google Drive

Hybrid cloud file sharing vendor adds integration with Google online storage service to offering

Online file sharing vendor Egnyte has launched the latest version of its hybrid cloud offering, which boasts integration with Google Drive.

The latest release allows end users to have a single view of all the files they need, including Google Drive, Microsoft Office, CAD drawings, images and multimedia data saved in the cloud or on-premise storage.

IT departments can control and manage the visibility of these files and centrally manage permissions, as well as audit them in real time.

Users can now store Google Drive and Microsoft Office files side-by-side inside their secure Egnyte folders to create a unified namespace of their files across their smartphones, tablets and computers. The product also allows users to share Google Drive files via secure links, without requiring the recipient to use a Gmail account.

Egnyte pointed to IDG figures that estimate that 61 per cent of enterprise files will always need to be stored locally. This, argued Egnyte, means businesses would continue to use on-premise storage to enable employees to securely create and share files.

“We know the files employees need in order to do their jobs can live anywhere in an enterprise.  Our unique hybrid approach provides a unified namespace for all these files, no matter where they reside,” said Egnyte chief executive Vineet Jain. 

The new Google Drive integration would make enterprise users even more productive by “providing a single, simple view into all files they have access to, no matter where those files are located - on-premise, in the cloud, or in Google Drive,” Jain added.

In March, CloudPro reported that Egnyte expanded its offering to support third-party cloud storage providers Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage and Microsoft Azure.

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