Apple & IBM to bring cloud business apps to iOS users

Jul 16, 2014 Rene Millman

Up to 100 business-centric apps could be created for iOS

IBM to clean China's air with big data analysis

Jul 7, 2014 Alex Hamilton

IBM seals the deal on 10-year plan to help Chinese officials clean up Beijing

IBM's Connections enterprise social software bags hybrid cloud upgrade

Jul 4, 2014 Rene Millman

Social software to enable increased collaboration in the cloud


How to get return on investment from the cloud

May 9, 2014 Clare Hopping

The cost of public cloud is dropping fast, so how can you make sure you're getting value for money?

IBM looks to bring BlueMix to middleware market

Mar 18, 2014 Adrian Bridgwater

IBM's decision to enter the middleware fray has once more brought the technology into focus

Data storage revolutionised - why two into one will go

Dec 13, 2013 Nick Booth

Every business needs servers, right? Every business needs storage, right? But what if they were mixed?

Case Studies

Q&A: Angel Diaz, IBM

May 2, 2014 Adrian Bridgwater

We speak to Angel Diaz, vice president of open technology and cloud performance at IBM...

Sunderland cloud implementation points the way for local councils

May 4, 2012 Maxwell Cooter

Forget any notion that all councils are conservative when it comes to IT, Sunderland is set to be a pace-setter for some time


IBM’s cloud services centre around its SmartCloud product. This IaaS offering emphasises security and provides IT services using virtual server resources aimed at IT and application developer teams.