Bosch announces purpose-built cloud for Internet of Things

German engineering firm will use the cloud internally before rolling it out as a service next year

German engineering conglomerate Robert Bosch is creating a cloud for the Internet of Things.

The cloud will be used to further development on Bosch's smarthome, intelligent manufacturing and connected car technologies. It will be used internally first, before being offered as a service to other companies in 2017.

The manufacturing firm has been investing heavily in this area via its IoT software suite, which it claims has five million devices connected to it.

The company hopes to use the data harvested from the sensors embedded in its millions of products to help it crack the growing IoT market.

"As of today, we offer all the ace cards for the connected world from a single source," CEO Volkmar Denner told the Bosch Connected World conference in Berlin.

"The Bosch IoT Cloud is the final piece of the puzzle that completes our software expertise. We are now a full service provider for connectivity and the IoT."

The company's new cloud venture will be operated out of a datacentre in Stuttgart, Germany. This is to help inspire confidence regarding data security, as German companies are subject to stringent data protection controls.

"Many companies and consumers state that security concerns keep them from using cloud technologies and connectivity solutions," Denner said. "The Bosch IoT Cloud is the answer to those concerns."

The company joins other notable players, such as Siemens AG, who are also embracing the power of industrial IoT to maximise efficiency and minimise cost within manufacturing environments.

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