Cloud Storage

Massive storage arrays have a far lower cost per Gigabyte than small disk drives. Provided your apps can operate with remote storage, the cost of using a cloud provider who can afford such ‘bulk’ infrastructure is likely to be significantly cheaper. Replication and back-up of information is simpler in the cloud improving data security.  



Best cloud storage for the UK in 2015

Advice 24 Nov, 2015 Rene Millman

Cloud storage services are almost literally ten a penny, but which ones cut the mustard for Britain?

Cloud file transfer

Syncplicity updates platform to address Safe Harbor changes

News 10 Nov, 2015 Clare Hopping

The company's file sync and share solution now features European-based cloud services, hybrid cloud solutions and updated service agreement

OneDrive users submit plea to Microsoft over unlimited plan

News 9 Nov, 2015 Clare Hopping

The letter says punishing its users is not fair and the company should boost its new limits

Microsoft kills off unlimited storage

News 3 Nov, 2015 Rene Millman

Blames small number of users that backed up entire video libraries and networks of PCs

Free cloud storage: The options explained

Advice 2 Nov, 2015 Rene Millman

We like stuff when it’s free. So is cloud storage any different?

How to backup an iPhone using the cloud

Advice 30 Oct, 2015 Rene Millman

Keep your vital data from going astray, back up in the cloud today

Mount10 CEO Q&A: inside the doomsday-proof datacentre

Case Studies 29 Oct, 2015 Adam Shepherd

If Blofeld had a datacentre, this would be it.

Modern business applications and the 'always-on datacentre'

News 29 Oct, 2015 Adam Shepherd

Why Veeam is more than just a backup firm

Schools can continue to use cloud services despite warning

News 28 Oct, 2015 Clare Hopping

The UK's data watchdog said services such as Dropbox are safe to use, even though Safe Harbour is under scrutiny

How to backup an iPad using the cloud

Advice 26 Oct, 2015 Rene Millman

Want to keep vital memories on your iPad? We look at your cloud backup options

BT opts for Caringo as its storage service supplier

News 22 Oct, 2015 Clare Hopping

The company will form the object-based storage component of BT's Compute Storage solution

How to use iCloud

Advice 19 Oct, 2015 Rene Millman

It’s on your i-device, but can you make the most of Apple’s cloud storage

Dropbox icon

How to use Dropbox

Advice 16 Oct, 2015 Rene Millman

We look at how to get the most out of your cloud storage service

EMC and Exponential-e announce low-cost UK-based storage

News 15 Oct, 2015 Clare Hopping

Exponential-e will use EMC's Elastic Cloud Storage combined with its own privately owned network

Mirantis announces partnership with NetApp

News 12 Oct, 2015 Clare Hopping

Deal will benefit customers who rely on security and storage efficiency for data management

Avere's CloudFusion launches on Amazon Web Services

News 6 Oct, 2015 Clare Hopping

The file storage application leverages the features of Amazon's web services with the flexibility of NAS

Cloud file transfer

Box and IBM team up on new data capture and sharing tools

News 1 Oct, 2015 Adam Shepherd

Key management and legal hold support also coming to the cloud storage platform

Business analytics roadsign

Microsoft announces more intelligent cloud offerings

News 30 Sep, 2015 Clare Hopping

As an extension of Azure, it has announced additonal products in containerisation, security, infrastructure and the IoT

Backblaze offers cut-price cloud storage on consumer hard drives

News 23 Sep, 2015 Nicole Kobie

Consumer hard-drive storage firm targets Amazon and Microsoft with budget cloud platform

Dropbox Team feature makes it 'easier to use at work'

News 21 Sep, 2015 Joe Curtis

But will the improved functionality step on the toes of Dropbox for Business?