Teradata launches IoT analytics apps

App imports Big Data to platforms like Hadoop and Terdata's own analytics software

Teradata has announced two new apps that will help companies analyse the immense volume of Internet of Things (IoT) data they collect.

Teradata Listener allows you to import and distribute the data collected from IoT devices and then pushes it to Hadoop, Teradata Aster Analytics, Teradata Database or other cloud-based platforms you want to use to analyse or process the data.

Data analysts, developers or others involved in the data processing part of the business can analyse data from different sources such as wearables or sensors without the need for IT support or input, making it a simpler way to process the high loads of data.

Teradata Aster Analytics is the next stage of the process, allowing you to analyse the data being fed into the database from Teradata Listener. Running on Hadoop, Teradata Aster Analytics features 100 pre-configured analytics techniques and supports a wide range of verticals.

Siemens is using Teradata's Aster Analytics to track sensors on the company's trains and predict the indicators of breakdowns before they happen.

"Daily, we collect millions of sensor observations from our equipment, and from our Engineers we receive thousands of written reports that are digitised," Gerhard Kress, director of analytical services, Siemens Mobility Division, said. "We subject the data to a variety of analytics to discover hidden patterns in order to ensure optimal equipment performance."

He explained the company's partnership with Teradata has been integral to driving the efficiency of Siemens' retail business.

“Customers can combine IoT data with business operations and human behavioural data to maximise analytic value,” said Hermann Wimmer, Teradata’s co-president. “Teradata Listener and Aster Analytics on Hadoop are breakthrough IoT technologies that push the analytic edge.”

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