Cloud Essentials

Cloud Computing has had a multiplicity of definitions but essentially a means by which organisations or individual users can access computer services or data, even though that data is not stored within that organisation but elsewhere.  We’re used to cloud computing services such as Gmail, You Tube, Facebook and Twitter, even though we may not use such terminology, an indication of the differing types of cloud services.

The nearest thing to a standard definition is the one from the US National Institute of Standards and Technology in which cloud is defined as “a model for enabling convenient, on-demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources (for example, networks, servers, storage, applications and services) that can be rapidly provisioned and released with minimal management effort or service provider interaction”.

Make me famous! How cloud is powering the success of the film industry

Sponsored 24 Nov, 2015 Maggie Holland

That film you’re about to watch is brought to you by the hero of the piece - cloud computing…

Platform9 adds OpenStack Neutron to private cloud portfolio

News 20 Nov, 2015 Clare Hopping

The company will also support OpenStack Heat and OpenStack Ceilometer

Aviva puts cloud at the heart of its digital strategy

Case Studies 18 Nov, 2015 Rene Millman

Insurance business moves on-premise infrastructure into AWS

Vendors hit out at G-Cloud scaling “straitjacket”

News 5 Nov, 2015 Joe Curtis

EuroCloud UK complains that new G-Cloud rules will harm buyers and suppliers

IBM acquires cloud broker Gravitant

News 4 Nov, 2015 Clare Hopping

The company's software offerings will be integrated into IBM's hybrid cloud products

SAP users will move to hybrid cloud, says user group

News 2 Nov, 2015 Joe Curtis

UKISUG conference will help you understand how SAP’s future roadmap suits you

Government cloud

G-Cloud gains momentum with £53m sales in September

News 30 Oct, 2015 Clare Hopping

The public service cloud network has surpassed £800m sales following record few months

Cloud file transfer

Content management should be viewed through same lens as CRM, ERP et al

News 27 Oct, 2015 Maggie Holland

The value of managing content in a more strategic way should not be underestimated, claims Box CEO

Xbox Live, Office 365 and Azure boost Microsoft revenue

News 23 Oct, 2015 Adam Shepherd

Microsoft's cloud growth indicates strong performance from its software and services divisions

1248 joins ARM mbed partner ecosystem

News 23 Oct, 2015 Clare Hopping

The company will build its automated IoT device management system on ARM's mbed device platform

Run out of space on your iPhone? Here's how to free up some space

Advice 20 Oct, 2015 Clare Hopping

Massive firmware updates and limited storage make updating an iPhone a nightmare, so how do you free up space?

Dynatrace: Why DevOps must let business into its club

News 19 Oct, 2015 Adam Shepherd

IT is crucial to every aspect of the modern business - so why is it still operated separately?

Great Western Railway gets on track with Rackspace

News 15 Oct, 2015 Nicole Kobie

Rebranded railway firm turns to Rackspace for robust, personalised website

Oracle CEO denies the company is in trouble

News 15 Oct, 2015 Clare Hopping

Depite increasing competition in the cloud arena, Mark Hurd has high hopes for the company's future

Personal cloud usage on the up, says Research and Markets

News 13 Oct, 2015 Clare Hopping

The market is set to increase by 565 per cent between now and 2020, the research firm claims

AWS and Accenture launch cloud migration business

News 13 Oct, 2015 Clare Hopping

The Accenture AWS Business Group will help companies embrace the cloud, using the most relevant expertise from both parties

House of Lords announces first online platforms discussion

News 9 Oct, 2015 Clare Hopping

Amazon, Google and Uber will all be looked into to determine whether they have consumers' interests at heart

Gov airs rebrand plans for least popular cloud framework

News 5 Oct, 2015 Joe Curtis

DSf is about to go under the knife, and it's good news for suppliers

Spiceworks unveils Concierge Service for IT professionals

News 25 Sep, 2015 Rene Millman

Spiceworks teams up with Box on free service to help IT on project management

How Oxford University simplified IT support for 30,000 students

Case Studies 22 Sep, 2015 Joe Curtis

University consolidates support desks in cloud with HEAT