IBM builds cloud video credentials with Ustream acquisition

The purchase will add on-demand video streaming facilities to IBM's enterprise portfolio

IBM has announced the acquisition of cloud-based video specialist Ustream, meaning it is now able to offer enterprise customers the facilities to integrate video technologies into their business strategies.

UStream's Development Platform allows companies to create custom video apps that can run on any device. It also means organisations can embed video into any existing application. A social sentiment add-on means customers can track audience engagement, offering up vital analytics to help further their marketing efforts.

To enhance its marketing gusto, Ustream also helps marketers find and automate leads into their strategies, managing their live and on-demand content from one place. Its suite of services also includes an employee communications platform and Ustream Pro Broadcasting, offering live video streaming at scale.

“Video is the most powerful and emotional medium,” said Brad Hunstable, CEO of Ustream. “Increasingly it is becoming the favored form of communication, not just for entertainment, but also for business. We’ve built a video platform that is easy-to-use, yet incredibly scalable, secure and powerful and it is these qualities that made us an ideal addition to IBM’s portfolio.”

Ustream's cloud-based video streaming services will be integrated into IBM's Bluemix cloud platform, forming part of IBM's Cloud Video Services unit. The new division will be led by general manager Braxton Jarratt and encompasses API development, digital and visual analytics, asset management and delivery for a wide range of industries.

“Video has become a first-class data type in business that requires accelerated performance and powerful analytics that allows clients to extract meaningful insights,” said Robert LeBlanc, senior vice president of IBM Cloud. “Aligning our expansive video and cloud innovations into an integrated unit will create opportunities for clients to take advantage of this medium in the most strategic way possible."

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