Money tight? Consider your motivation before moving to cloud

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Learning the lessons of failure

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No cloud on horizon for start-ups

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The security flaws of a connected world

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Invasion of the data snatchers

Full steam ahead: why the future of gaming lies in the cloud

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Spotify's PlayStation app is the latest step in gaming's transformation to a cloud-based industry

Cloud vision? It seems a bit of a blur!

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UK Cloud Awards demonstrates health of cloud industry

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Amazon WorkMail vs IBM Notes: Will it be a knockout fight?

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Better together: Overcoming cloud challenges through collaboration

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Cloud brokers: What are the benefits of using them?

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Boosting cloud with faster connections

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How dedicated links make your cloud deployment work

Let's act to keep G Cloud flame burning

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Why CSPs don't tell you all about their infrastructures

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Red Hat sees a cloudy future for telcos

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Apple not to blame for leaked pics; keep the cloud out of it

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There were plenty of commentators lining up to blame the cloud for celebrity embarrassment, but the finger pointing needs to stop

How US cloud providers fought the law ... and the law won

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When it comes to a battle against the might of the US legal system, is there any hope for cloud providers?