SAP holds hands with EMC and VMware for cloud computing push

Jennifer Scott News
9 Nov, 2011

The German software giant teams with some old hats to push its products into the cloud.

SAP today announced a high profile partnership with EMC and VMware to try and gain traction behind it cloud-based software offerings.

At its Sapphire conference in Madrid, the firm announced the tie-up alongside a number of new product advancements around the areas of business networks, applications, cloud platform development and virtualisation.  

The three titans of the technology industry said they were working on creating an “end-to-end stack” for delivering SAP applications, as well as growing SAP’s own services to help customers “accelerate [their] journey to the cloud.”

The team effort by SAP and VMware goes even further, with the two firms integrating a monitoring system or “health check” into programmes running on VMware products.

EMC, however, will be looking to integrate SAP’s HANA platform – the in-memory computing software which increases the speed of enterprise applications – into its own FAST (fully automated storage tiering) technologies to speed up storage for both sets of customers.

"With virtualisation now pervasive throughout the enterprise and baseline applications deployed, SAP customers are turning their attention to cloud computing strategies for mission-critical environments," said Pat Gelsinger, president and chief operations officer (COO) of Information Infrastructure Products at EMC.

"EMC, SAP and VMware are working together to accelerate SAP customers' journey to hybrid cloud computing. By integrating technologies and delivering new services we hope to both improve business agility and lower IT costs for our mutual customers."     

Crossgate acquisition finalised

With the acquisition of Crossgate going through on 1 November, SAP was ready to unveil how it planned to incorporate this integration company into its own operations.

The main announcement was around a new business networking tool which would allow SAP customers to electronically contact thousands of trade partners straight from one system, rather than having to source them all individually.

SAP has also included the Crossgate technology into an update of its social collaboration tool – StreamWork.

SAP HANA application cloud

Building on the growing popularity of its in-memory computing technology, SAP HANA, the company also announced its own application cloud.

It is only in private beta at the moment, but those with access can get hold of SAP offerings such as Business Objects and ChariTra through this cloud platform, with more applications set to be added soon.

SAP has also moved its platform as a service project – codenamed River – into a private beta. The open standards-based technology will help developers create their own extensions to SAP enterprise applications in the cloud, as well as new applications of their own.  

Dr. Vishal Sikka, member of the SAP executive board for technology and innovation, said: "With these new cloud innovations, we are consolidating and removing the layers and making it much easier for customers to consume our applications.”