Red Hat and Oracle to collaborate on CAMP cloud interface

Organisations to get help to move between cloud platforms.

A number of companies, including Oracle and Red Hat, have teamed up to work on a standard that should help customers move between cloud platforms more easily.

Dubbed CAMP (Cloud Application Management for Platform), the draft standard sets out generic APIs for developing, running, administering, and patching applications in the cloud.

Up until now, PaaS providers have typically used their own bespoke interfaces for management functions. This has meant that organisations moving between different cloud platform have found the process difficult as one platform would have a substantially different management interface from another, leading to vendor lock-in.

CAMP is designed for managing both public and private cloud and will be submitted to Organisation for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS) for development of an industry standard.

The new standard will provide a common development vocabulary and API that can work across multiple clouds without excessive adaptation and is compatible with PaaS-aware and PaaS-unaware application development environments, both offline and in the cloud.

The consortium set out use cases for the standard including moving an on-premise application to the cloud (private or public) as well as redeployment of such applications across cloud platforms from multiple vendors. According the companies involved, CAMP will reduce the effort to move applications between clouds and provides service assurance through interoperability.

"CAMP defines a simple API that enables customers to have an interoperable solution across multiple vendors' offerings, manage application lifecycles easily, and move applications between clouds," said Don Deutsch, vice president and chief standards officer at Oracle.

Mark Little, senior director of Engineering, Middleware at Red Hat said that a specification like CAMP "represents a considerable step towards lowering the barrier of entry new developers perceive when it comes to migrate their workloads to PaaS."

Alongside Oracle and Red Hat in developing CAMP are CloudBees, Cloudsoft, Huawei, Rackspace, and Software AG. The companies have formed a technical committee to define interfaces for the most popular platform services in the next 18 months.