Nvidia endorsed cloud gaming platform wins hosting provider support

Agawi's cloud gaming platform lets publishers take a one-to-many approach with new titles

Agawi has partnered with Blue Box, Peer 1 and XO Communications to help it deliver its True Cloud architecture.

The aim of True Cloud is to allow publishers to create a game and stream it to a variety of platforms without having to modify it in any way.

This is because some game developers have sometimes struggled to achieve maximum distribution and reach for their offerings, said Agawi co-founder, Rajat Gupta, in a statement.

“The previous iterations of cloud gaming have relied on piecemeal efforts and proprietary designs,” he said.

“Agawi True Cloud requires only one version of their game to ever be written in the cloud and we can make it accessible on any post-PC era device ... [including] tablets, phablets, TVs and next generation game devices like [Nvidia’s] Project Sheild.”

The cloud gaming Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) provider has been working with chip maker Nvidia on True Cloud since late last year, and has now enlisted the help of hosting providers Peer 1 and Blue Box, as well as XO Communications.

Peter Relan, executive chairman of Agawi, told delegates at the Cloud Gaming Europe summit in London earlier today that many have tried and failed to create a True Cloud-like architecture.

“In the past, there have been attempts to put together a vertical architecture for cloud gaming, [which] means you have to worry about the CPU, GPU, hardware decoding, datacentres, capacity, storage, licensing and making sure you can get to it and offer it as a service,” said Relan.

Investing hundreds of millions of dollars won’t be enough to build a workable cloud gaming architecture, he said, before labelling attempts by its rivals to build proprietary clouds as “fundamentally flawed”.

He added: “It takes Apple and Google and Microsoft to build those kinds of businesses. They cost billions of dollars.”

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