Rackspace acquires ObjectRocket for database as a service skills

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IaaS giant announces acquisition of ObjectRocket

Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider Rackspace has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire database-as-a-service (DBaaS) player ObjectRocket.

Rackspace has said the acquisition will broaden its OpenStack-based open cloud platform, offering DBaaS for the first time and allowing customers to shoulder big data applications more easily.

ObjectRocket is built on the MongoDB open-source NoSQL database technology, which is what attracted Rackspace to the company.

Nigel Beighton, international vice president of technology at Rackspace, told Cloud Pro: “For us, having a strategy of NoSQL is absolutely common sense because that is what our customers are doing.  When I look forward, certainly in the world of e-commerce, 90 per cent of sites will be running come kind of NoSQL capability – it will become the de facto technology in building applications.”

Beighton explained that while MongoDB technology allows “great speed and scalability”, it can be complex when initially trying to get it to scale and the knowledge pool of how to do it well is small. Additionally, he said, it can be somewhat less resilient than a normal relational database and recovery can be difficult in the event of failure.

“What we really liked about Object Rocket was that they had implemented an industrial strength, resilient, safe service and therefore we will be able to offer it as DBaaS,” said Beighton.

“So this is not a piece of software, we are giving this to people as a service that they can use and we look after the scale and the resilience, so they do not have to worry about that weakness of Mongo and that for me is the real beauty of this,” he added.

Matt Aslett, research director of data management and analytics at 451 Research, said: "Acquiring ObjectRocket expands Rackspace's database services to support non-relational operational applications.

"MongoDB is emerging as the primary NoSQL database of choice, driven by its flexibility and ease of development, giving Rackspace an opportunity to serve existing customers with a new service and target new customers by providing differentiating configuration and management capabilities."

The acquisition closed on 27 February and is expected to be completed in the coming weeks.


  • Article originally published on 27 February 2013 and updated on 28 February 2013

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