Docker aquires Unikernel Systems

The partnership means Docker can offer unikernels on top of its container tech

Docker has announced the acquisition of Unikernel Systems, meaning it will soon be able to offer unikernel support in addition to supporting containers.

The company hopest to now offer developers a more flexible environment, with the possibility of building microservice architectures of their own.

Unikernels allow developers to convert operating systems down to their bare bones in order to run more specific applications, running them from the kernel of the operating system infrastructure.

Benefits include a highly secure platform, plus smaller machines and and faster operation. This makes the unikernel environment better suited to applications used in security conscious sector such as finance or government.

“Similar to what Docker has done for Linux containers, by combining forces, we will be able to unlock the entire Docker ecosystem for use with unikernels, including orchestration and networking," said Anil Madhavapeddy, co-founder and CTO of Unikernel Systems.

"The integration with Docker tooling will accelerate the progress of unikernels and enable users to choose how they ‘containerise’ and manage their application - from the datacentre to the cloud to the Internet of Things.”

Solomon Hykes, founder and CTO of Docker, added; “Our shared vision to take transformative technology and make it accessible to a much wider audience has made the union a natural fit and it aligns with one of our core tenets to separate applications from infrastructure constraints.

"Through the Docker platform, unikernels will be on a ‘continuum’ with Linux and Windows containers, enabling users to create truly hybrid applications across all formats with a uniform workflow.”

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