Wolfram Research moves into the cloud

Wolfram Programming Cloud could help firms develop and deploy apps in minutes, claims firm

A programming cloud service has been launched that claims to cut development and deployment of cloud-based applications down to minutes.

The Wolfram Programming Cloud is designed to enable users to quickly build and deploy apps or even build major production systems within days.

According to Stephen Wolfram, founder and chief executive of Wolfram Research, Wolfram Programming Cloud is an application of the Wolfram Language "specifically for programming, and for creating and deploying cloud-based programs."

“My goal with the Wolfram Language in general—and Wolfram Programming Cloud in particular—is to redefine the process of programming, and to automate as much as possible, so that once a human can express what they want to do with sufficient clarity, all the details of how it is done should be handled automatically,” he said on his blog.

According to the firm, the cloud-based programming tool is aimed at rapid algorithm development, data-driven apps, enterprise-wide computation components, computational web services and algorithmic startups.

"In addition to dramatically simplifying and automating many kinds of existing programming, I think the Wolfram Programming Cloud is going to make possible whole new classes of software applications—and, I suspect, a wave of new algorithmically based startups," he added.

Applications created by the cloud can be rapidly deployed through API, Web, mobile, embedded code and more using its universal deployment system. The programming framework features 2D and 3D visualization; graph analysis; data analytics; image processing; audio processing; machine learning; built-in testing and API connectivity among other things.

The service is available to anyone for any size of project for free with a limited deployment. Fees apply for larger enterprise deployments.

The tool has been launched on the 26th anniversary of the launch of Wolfram Research’s Mathematica.