Software-as-a-Service is software which is deployed over the internet and used by someone on a personal computer or local area network. Customers can often use software “pay-as-you-go” by using the cloud provider’s licences, rather than buying licences themselves – which is why Software-as-a-Service is sometimes called “software on demand”. As well as removing the need to buy, install and manage software at the user’s end, it also has the advantage of the software being accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.


Oxford University launches cloud-based Digital Innovation Platform

Nov 28, 2014 Rene Millman

University looks to cloud to crowd-source ideas from students and staff

Boots launches cloud-based appointments service

Nov 27, 2014 Rene Millman

Nearly a third of appointments come via the cloud one month after going live

Dixons Carphone introduces cloud-based profitability testing

Nov 26, 2014 Rene Millman

Retail firm looks to improve revenues with the help of cloud

IBM unveils cloud-based mobile analytics service

Nov 26, 2014 Rene Millman

Big Blue to focus on easing mobile enterprise management for CIOs


SaaS deployments have become mission critical

Nov 26, 2014 Rene Millman

Firms using cloud applications for critical workloads, according to Gartner


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Nov 14, 2014 James Peckham

We take a look at the most popular iOS apps to download for business users

Bring IT out of the shadows

Oct 10, 2014 Lesley Meall

There's no point battling against users, embracing shadow IT is the key

How to automate boring tasks using the cloud

Oct 7, 2014 Nick Booth

There are good things and bad things about being a business leader. How can cloud help you free up time for the fun stuff?

Windows 10 and the cloud

Sep 30, 2014 Simon Bisson

A new Windows is on the horizon. What does it mean for you, your users, and the cloud?

How to secure your supply chain in the cloud

Sep 19, 2014

The supply chain is often an ignored part of the cloud story, but it shouldn't be, warns Davey Winder

Case Studies

Quip review

Nov 28, 2014 Stuart Andrews

A simple collaboration tool available across multiple platforms

Q&A: Scott McCorkle, Salesforce ExactTarget

Jul 31, 2014 Maggie Holland

We chat to the CEO of Salesforce's cloud marketing arm about where the future of cloud and marketing is headed...

Conservation International uses big data analytics to help the environment

Jul 31, 2014 Alex Hamilton

Rainforest studies produce a surprising amount of data, something HP has helped Conservation International control

Gray’s Inn ditches paper bookings for cloud-based system

Jun 6, 2014 Rene Millman

New events management system will speed up sales and minimise double booking

Andy Burton: Cloud Q&A with the new Zynstra exec

Apr 2, 2014 Christine Horton

Former chairman of the Cloud Industry Forum, and new Zynstra exec, Andy Burton discusses the take-up of cloud in the channel