Mimecast and Sendmail announce enterprise email collaboration

James Stirling News
4 Dec, 2012
Cloud handshake
Cloud handshake

Companies join forces to help solve enterprise email headaches

Email management vendors Sendmail and Mimecast have joined forces to help users integrate and configure email management systems on hybrid-cloud platforms with greater ease.

The collaboration will, the organisations claim, allow global enterprises to combine Sendmail’s Sentrion Email Integration Platform on-premise offering with Mimecast’s cloud-based Unified Email Management software in a hybrid cloud architecture.

Matt Cain, vice president of analyst firm Gartner, said partnerships like this may help solve the challenges companies face when moving email services to the cloud.

“Gartner has long maintained that enterprises moving email to the cloud may have unique requirements that cannot be entirely fulfilled with cloud-only provisioning. Large organisations therefore may require a flexible on-premises/cloud combination that can support a variety of unique email deployment options for mailboxes, security, archiving, routing, and policy management,” Cain said.

Glen D. Vondrick, Sendmail president & CEO, echoed Cain’s points, claiming his company’s clients had been asking for scalable cloud email applications “that can easily integrate with our on-premises Sentrion Email Integration Platform with single provider support”.

Peter Bauer, CEO of Mimecast, added: “Businesses are being driven toward evaluating and adopting cloud-based email solutions to control cost and complexity which can be quite challenging in high volume machine generated email environments.

“By combining Sentrion on-premises with Mimecast in the cloud, organisations can garner the advantages of the cloud while continuing to meet their business systems requirements,” he added.