Office 365 to make Microsoft file editing possible on Apple devices

Apple and Android users will reportedly soon be able to view and edit Word, Excel and Powerpoint files with a little help from Office 365

Microsoft Office users could soon be able to view documents on iOS devices, but may be forced to sign up for Office 365 if they want to edit them.

In a report by The Verge, it is claimed Microsoft is planning to launch Apple and Android-friendly versions of Office early next year.

The article claims users will need to download apps to view Microsoft Word, Powerpoint and Excel documents on their devices, but they will need an Office 365 subscription to make changes to them.

It also states that the iOS version of Microsoft Office will drop first in late February or early March, while the Android version will follow shortly after in May.

Meanwhile, in other Office 365 news, it has emerged that a cloud-based version of Microsoft’s diagram creation tool Visio and its business task management software Project will soon be added to the online productivity suite.  

As reported by our sister site IT Pro earlier today, Microsoft is ushering in a number of product price hikes from the start of next month, which will see the price of Office 365 increase by eight per cent for some customers.

It is claimed the price hike is to reflect the inclusion of Visio and Project into certain Office 365 packages.

The cloud-based versions of the products are expected to be rolled out to coincide with the release of Office 2013.

Speaking to Cloud Pro, Richard Gibbons, software manager at Microsoft reseller Bechtle Direct, said Visio and Project will be a welcome addition to Office 365.

“They tend to be products people end up being over-licensed on, from a software asset management point of view, and adding them to Office 365 might help prevent that,” said Gibbons.

“Microsoft have not really talked a lot about them moving to the cloud, but they are products that – when people use them – they really love, so we’re really pleased about this.”