Evernote takes wraps off business specific offering

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SaaS company offers to 'remember everything' for businesses as well as individuals

Software-as-a-Service provider Evernote has launched a premium business version of its eponymous online storage product.

The launch of Evernote Business follows a successful beta test, which began in August, and the service is now available to all businesses across Canada, Japan, the UK, Germany, France, Switzerland and the USA. The app is compatible with Mac, iOS, Android and Windows Desktop operating systems, but not Windows mobile.

In a blog post announcing the new product, vice president of marketing Andrew Sinkov explained Evernote Business was a response to the way people were already using its consumer offering in their offices.

“For years, we’ve helped people collect and remember everything that’s important to their personal and work lives. Two-thirds of our users already rely on Evernote to be more productive at the office,” Sinkov said.

Evernote Business includes features that will make it “a perfect tool for small and medium-sized companies and small teams within larger organisations”, according to Sinkov.

“When a user joins Evernote Business, they’ll be able to create Business Notebooks. Anything placed into a Business Notebook benefits the entire company. It’s easier to share Business Notebooks with fellow employees, Business Notebooks can be published to the Business Library and these notebooks can be shared or modified by administrators,” Sinkov added.

Evernote Business also automatically upgrades users to Business premium, which allows for the creation of 2GB per month of new content in Personal Notebooks, as well as 2GB to share with colleagues in Business Notebooks.

“That’s four times more monthly quota than with normal Evernote Premium, so you’ll never have to worry about running out of room,” Sinkov said.

Per user per month pricing is £8 in the UK.