GT Nexus drives Renault to the cloud

Cloud Car
Cloud Car

Automotive giant uses SaaS to simplify its spare parts export business

French car manufacturer Renault is moving its supply chain management to the cloud with the help of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider GT Nexus.

The project, dubbed ‘Easy Tracker’, allows the company to manage the export of spare parts overseas. The worldwide roll out follows a successful live pilot covering the supply chain from France to key markets such as Brazil, Saudi Arabia and South Africa during the third quarter of 2012.

Renault is introducing GT Nexus’ cloud platform into its business as part of its 2016 – Drive the Change corporate initiative. It hopes the cloud will simplify the management of its spare parts supply chain, which involves over 200,000 items sourced from 1,700 suppliers being delivered to 7,000 dealers across Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Central Europe.

GT Nexus allows Renault to go beyond the capabilities of traditional track and trace software, the company claimed, as it uses a ‘single version of the truth’ information model. This allows different users and business units within Renault to see information in real time that is consistent irrespective of who is viewing it.

Renault can also use the data generated by the platform to gain insight into its operations, GT Nexus said, such as monitoring its On-Time and In-Full delivery ratio, or measure transportation services’ performance for reliability and variability.

Francesca Gamboni, after sales logistics vice president at Renault Group, said: “The emerging markets are very competitive and Renault wants to guarantee spare parts and accessories availability at the best-in-class level, while reducing safety stocks, inventory, and expediting costs.

“The lack of visibility into orders and inventory in transit can add costs and create unnecessary customer service disruptions across our distribution networks. By providing accurate ETA status in the cloud through GT Nexus, our importers and affiliates now have access to the information they need to operate smoothly,” Gamboni added.

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